VIDEOCAMERA ATLANTIS VOLTA A16-VL66P WL a batteria FHD 1980x1080 15fps H.264/265 3x batt ricaric. (incl.) SENS. PIR led array 7m

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VOLTA PRO PT is a completely wireless motorized Wi-Fi camera (355 ° Horizontal and 90 ° vertical) which, powered exclusively by rechargeable batteries, allows both viewing and capturing of high resolution video and images (2 Million Pixel), and two-way crystal clear audio management for remote communication. It does not require any connection cable, both for data transfer and for power supply. VOLTA PRO PT , thanks to the battery power supply and the 120 ° viewing angle, suitable for a wide and detailed overview, can operate anywhere during the day and at night (both in color thanks to the white and black and white LEDs using the IR LEDs for a vision up to 7 meters away), without requiring any connection via wires.The IP65 protection allows it to be placed even in partially protected outdoor environments and not directly exposed to atmospheric agents (for example the balcony or the attic ). It is the ideal solution on boats and in domestic environments, where you want to hide cables or where it is impossible to wire. The battery life is exceptional and allows uninterrupted operation of the camera for about 8 months (10 recordings per day of 10 seconds each). The 5w solar panel, included in the package, easy to place thanks to a cable of over 2.5m, can make VOLTA PRO PT work continuously throughout the summer and extend its duration at other times of the year. When the batteries reach a low level of charge, a convenient notification is sent to the smartphone (the smartphone power supply will be able to recharge the VOLTA PRO PT batteries in a few hours). VOLTA PRO PT incorporates a volumetric PIR sensor, programmable and parameterizable, for the identification of intruders, it signals the owner the alarm via "Push Notification", activates the local siren and turns on the intermittent white LED lighting. VOLTA PRO PT can record videos both on the SD card (to be inserted in the appropriate slot) and, free of charge for the first 24 months from activation, on the Cloud where they remain stored for 7 days (up to a maximum of 1 GB). VOLTA PRO PT can be easily installed in a few moments with the free APP and the guide voice in Italian; the APP allows the configuration, management and display of images and videos coming from the camera itself. It also allows you to manage up to 16 cameras at the same time, as well as download videos recorded by VOLTA PRO PT to your smartphone (both from the Cloud, where they are kept for 7 days, and from the SD card) or to record live videos.

Distanza di visione notturna 7 m
Bluetooth No
Dimensioni sensore ottico 25,4 / 2,9 mm (1 / 2.9")
Tipi schede di memoria MicroSD (TransFlash)
Lunghezza focale fissa (fotocamera panoramica) 7000 mm
Tipo sensore CMOS
Tecnologia batteria Ioni di Litio
Ampère CC in uscita 1,5 A
Collegamento ethernet LAN No
Formati video supportati H.264, H.265
Tecnologia di connessione Wireless
Tipo di montaggio Soffitto/muro
numero di telecamere 1
Sistema audio 2-vie
Disco rigido integrato No
Microfono incorporato
Angolo di campo visivo 120°
Angolo di visione verticale (fotocamera panoramica) 56°
Megapixel totali 2 MP
Angolo di visione dell'obiettivo, orizzontale 96°
Colore del prodotto Nero, Bianco
Lunghezza focale fissa 3,3 mm
Visione notturna
Lunghezza d'onda a infrarossi 850 nm
Volt CC in uscita 5
Angolo di visione dell'obiettivo, diagonale 128°
Frame rate 15 fps
Posizionamento supportato Interno e esterno
Risoluzione massima 1920 x 1080 Pixel
Lettore di schede integrato
Larghezza 120 mm
Tipo Telecamera di sicurezza IP
Altoparlanti incorporati
Tipologia alimentazione Batteria, dC
Protocolli di rete supportati TCP/IP, UDP/IP, DHCP, RTMP, MUTP
Altezza 158 mm
Numero di sensori 1
Profondità 101 mm
Codice di protezione internazionale (IP) IP65

Cod. a Barre: 8026974022642

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